If you are catching the bus at the Green River Park & Ride (50 W Railroad) or the WWCC Transfer Station and your final destination is within the route system you do not need to call 24 hours in advance.  However, if you need a ride from your home or your final destination is outside the route system, 24 hour notice is required.  If you have any questions please call before you ride.


Green River Park & Ride to WWCC Transfer Station

7:30am    12:30pm

8:30am     3:30pm



WWCC Transfer Station to Green River Park & Ride

7:00am     3:00pm

8:00am     4:00pm

1:00pm     5:00pm


* 24 hour advance notice is required.


If you live in Reliance or "out north" of Rock Springs 24 hours advance notice is required.  The bus runs to Reliance and North of Rock Springs at the times listed below.  The bus will bring passengers in from Reliance and North of Rock Springs to the WWCC Transfer Station.  From the Transfer Station the passengers will need to ride the fixed-route to their destination.  If a passenger wishes to ride out to Reliance or North of Rock Springs, he/she should ride the fixed-route and arrive at the WWCC Transfer station at one of the times listed below (with 24 hr notice). A bus will then take the passenger from the Transfer Station to Reliance or North of Rock Springs.

Reliance/North of Rock Springs

7:00am     11:00am

9:00am     2:30pm